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Twitter Training for Patients & Carers


Have you just recently been diagnosed with a condition you know little about?
Are you a carer?
Would you like to connect with other patients, carers or people in similar situations over the internet and social media?  

There is plenty of information and support from people just like you, who are willing to share their experiences and listen to yours.  In my opinion, Twitter is the best forum for accessing support if you want to remain anonymous, because you can 'listen in' to the online conversations between other patients & carers without being visible yourself.  They don't mind, otherwise they wouldn't be sharing their thoughts online.  They know (and hope) that people like you are listening to their chats and that as a result you feel reassured that you are not alone.

When it comes to your health, it's important that you access the correct information and follow people who share good content.  I also believe you should follow people who Tweet positive and supportive messages as well as fun posts to brighten your day!  

I can help you to set up an account on Twitter and build up a network of like-minded people.  If you would like to book an online training session just use the 
PayPal button on this page and I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a mutually suitable time for your session.  I will also send you a form which you can complete and send back to me if you would like me to personalise your training session and create a list of recommended people for you to follow. For more details, please see the FAQs section below.

I wish you the best in your own particular journey and I really look forward to helping you build up your own personal community of online support on Twitter.


FAQs about Twitter Training for Patients & Carers

How is the training delivered?
Your online training session will be delivered via phone or Skype.

What will be covered in the session?
Your session will be tailored to whatever your needs are. For example:

  • I can guide you, step-by-step, through setting up your own Twitter account if you don't already have one.
  • I can show you how Twitter works, explain the common terms you will hear in relation to Twitter (DM, RT, MT, etc) and answer any questions you have.
  • I can help you send out your first tweet.
  • I will point you in the right direction about Twitter etiquette and best practices.
  • I can help you find people on Twitter and show you how to decide whether to follow them or not.

Can you recommend people or groups I should follow for information and support about my specific condition?

Certainly. If you complete the pre-session form that I will send when you book, I will research Twitter and compile a list of people for you to follow.

Can I book more than one training session?
Yes, if you find you need more help you can certainly book more sessions.
If you are completely new to Twitter and feel you might need more than 1 hour, you could block book a package of 3 sessions (1st is 1 hour, 2nd & 3rd half an hour each) at the discounted rate of €40 - a saving of €10.  I can get you up and running during session 1, help you to research and find people to follow during session 2 and use session 3 to go through some more advanced options of using Twitter, such as Lists.

How much does a training session cost?
€25 per hour, but see below for a very special introductory offer.



Twitter Training for Patients & Carers

1 hour session = €15

for the first 5 people who book

(normal cost will be €25)

Session to be scheduled within 1 month of purchase.

Use the PayPal button below to reserve your session, but hurry!  

Only 5 slots at this discounted rate are available.




Package of 3 sessions (2 hours)

Twitter Training for Patients & Carers (for complete beginners)

Session 1 = 1 hour (create account, set up, basic use, terminology)
Session 2 = 1/2 hour (find people to follow)
Session 3 = 1/2 hour (create lists, advanced Twitter tools)
(sessions 2 and 3 can be done together if preferred)

3 sessions = €40

(normal cost for 2 hours would be €50)



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Benefits of Twitter
for Patients & Carers

►It's free

►It's easily accessible via mobile, PC, laptop or tablet

►You don't have to leave your chair/bed

►You don't have to travel

►You don't need childcare

►You don't need to get someone to sit with your loved one if you are a carer

►You can remain anonymous

►You don't have to participate - you can just watch and listen

►No geographical barriers

►No timezone barriers

►Not restricted to office hours

►Connect with others who are going through the same thing

►Build your own personal global support network

►Learn from Healthcare Professionals who are on Twitter

►Your peers & fellow patients are there already, ready and willing to offer you support

►Other patients will appreciate you sharing your own experiences (when you feel comfortable doing so)


If you would like to book me to provide a Twitter Training Session at a patient support group, please contact me any time.





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