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Filling The Gaps in Health Literacy


40% of the Irish public have difficulty with health literacy issues. source

Studies have linked poor Health Literacy with:

  • More hospital readmissions
  • Avoidable complications
  • Self-medicating errors
  • Higher mortality rates.  source

Economic cost of poor Health Literacy:

  • Low Health Literacy costs the U.S. economy between $106 and $238 billion each year. source

Health 2.0/Medicine 2.0
is the concept that "healthcare systems need to move away from hospital-based medicine, focus on promoting health, provide healthcare in people's own homes, and empower consumers to take responsibility for their own health" source

The average consultation time with a doctor is 15 minutes.

Not a lot of time, is it?

Especially on those occasions when you need to educate a patient about a newly-diagnosed illness, a life-limiting condition, new medications or lifestyle changes they need to make. You might not see them again for weeks or maybe months and you can't stalk them to remind them about what you said...(well, it's frowned upon!).

With the advancement of technology and social media, there are now numerous ways that you can send reminders, reinforce your message and lay a trail of breadcrumbs that will hopefully lead them towards being fully engaged and empowered to take control of their health so that you are both on the same team.

Would you like updates about Health Literacy initiatives around the world without having to spend time searching the internet?

Each week, I publish a collection of Health Literacy news that is sourced directly from the web.  

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The benefits of promoting health literacy

  • Enhancing patients' understanding of their own health
  • Better engagement with their treatment plans
  • Fewer return visits or phone calls for small queries
  • More productive follow-up appointments.


Need evidence?

Here are some stats and facts that you may be interested in...

"Text reminders boost vaccine compliance and hospitalizations go down when vaccination rates go up". Source 

"Why Texting Patients Works". Source

Changes in medication colour (e.g. when switching to generics) increase the odds of non-compliance. Source
63% of consumers would like to use a mobile phone to receive reminders for preventative or follow-up care. Source

Text message reminders can significantly improve diabetic patients' adherance to their medication. Source

Patients remember 20% of what they hear. Source

"Improved communication between patients and HCPs is fundamental to the successful management of ulcerative colitis.” Source


Other resources* you may find useful 

Medikidz - comics that explain medical conditions to children using language they understand.

Talking to Toddlers (audio course)

How to Raise Confident Children

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